Arabidopsis Mutation Database

We are currently assembling a community-generated database of common arabidopsis mutants to improve the efficiency of plant genotyping. Genes are provided in .dna files and can be opened with the programme SnapGene (a free version of this software can be downloaded here)

A Google Drive folder containing the current list of mutations can be accessed through the following link:

Arabidopsis Mutation Database (AMD) 
Please note that the information in these files is for reference only and that some errors may be present. A citation to the original source can be found be double-clicking on the mutation. If you identify an error or if you find that your mutation is not in the list, please submit a .dna file using the following link:

AMD- New submissions and corrections

Important- For new submissions, please include at minimum the following information:

  • Your gene of interest, with at least 1 kb of DNA either side of the gene.
  • The name of the mutation in the literature, along with any alternative names and SALK/SAIL identifiers.
  • A citation for a paper characterising the mutation.

New submissions should be visible in the AMD within a week.